My Digital Citizenship Toolkit – The Beginning


The focus of Module 6 is digital and media literacy.   Technology has become a permanent part of our lives, therefore we must embrace it, and teach our students (and their parents) the importance of being responsible digital citizens and learning digital literacy skills.   In this post, I am only focusing on digital citizenship because I feel this is the foundation that must be set before teaching further information literacy skills.

Before becoming a Teacher-Librarian, I taught Grade 6/7 and Grade 3/4.  As an avid technology user with my students, it was essential for my students to understand the importance of safety, security and digital footprints, before being allowed to use technology in my classroom.  My students and I established a set of online guidelines and expectations for our classroom that were revisited often, and shared with their families through my classroom website and our class Twitter page.

Now that I am a Teacher-Librarian responsible for teaching Grades K – 7 about digital and media literacy, I will still use the same resources, and have created a toolkit for teaching digital citizenship.  My favourite resource for teaching digital citizenship skills is Common Sense Media. Here are two videos that I use to introduce the topic with Grades K – 5.

Here is a YouTube playlist from Common Sense Media on Digital Citizenship that includes resources for all grades.  I have also found another resource from the UK that includes an excellent series of videos for students in Grades 6 and up.

The internet is constantly growing and expanding and is part of our world.  Students are learning, through their daily experiences, how to be responsible and caring citizens at home, school and in the community.  Shouldn’t this also include the internet?  Maybe this article I found this morning on Twitter about the importance of being a global digital citizen will convince you.


Media Smarts

Digital Citizenship Resources List for Teachers [found on Global Digital Citizenship Foundation]

How to Teach Internet Safety to Younger Elementary Students [Edutopia]

CommonSense K – 12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum [Common Sense Media]


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